About Alison.

Alison Seymour, BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, PGDip (Chinese Herbal Medicine), MBAcC.

Eight Branches Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Lincoln is the small but professional clinic of Alison Seymour, who welcomes you into her North Hykeham home to provide traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. As someone who is genuinely interested in people, Alison aims to ensure your visit is a comfortable and positive experience. She has a compassionate and warm approach, taking her time to listen to what is being said. She firmly believes in the best quality of care and leaves plenty of time between appointments to ensure neither her clients, nor herself, feel rushed. As she only treats one person per appointment time this also means you receive her full attention for the duration.

Eight Branches came about as a result of a long held interest in the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, the power of the body to heal itself, and the belief that the body and mind are entities which cannot be separated. There are said to be Eight Branches in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture being that eighth branch. The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to create harmony and balance within body/mind, allowing health to be restored.

After experiencing first hand the benefits of acupuncture, and the resulting improvements to both health and wellbeing, that interest became a passion. Daring to dream of studying this philosophy in more detail turned into reality she opted to seize a life opportunity, which came with the chance to pursue a BSc in Acupuncture. Three years of full time study later, the creation of Eight Branches began, with the wish to provide a welcoming and relaxing space for people to experience the benefits of acupuncture.

In a non-clinical setting it’s the perfect complement to mainstream medicine, whether you are seeking acupuncture for pain relief, chronic conditions, or simply as a means to maintain good health and wellbeing.

Fast forward a few years, and a new opportunity arose to further her learning by studying herbs at post-graduate level, and adding another ‘branch’ to the Chinese medicine tree! It’s a pleasure to be able to offer this enhanced level of service, and it truly provides another dimension to treatments. For those who do not wish to have acupuncture it offers an alternative strategy to restore health or relief from pain. For those who also wish to try herbs alongside acupuncture it reinforces its benefits by providing an active daily intervention to restore balance more effectively. This reduces the need for such regular treatment and can therefore be a more cost effective option.

A commitment to this lifelong study of this wonderful approach to health and wellbeing, with a genuine desire to see people improve their quality of life, is borne out by a wish to provide a nurturing and outstanding level of service. Whether this is time spent in quiet contemplation to promote personal balance, researching conditions from both a mainstream and holistic perspective, or taking on more formal study, means that the learning never stops!

As a member of the British Acupuncture Council you are assured of a practitioner who is qualified to the highest level, and is fully insured and compliant with all relevant UK health and safety legislation. They require adherence to a strict code of safe and professional conduct and ensure their practitioners commit to ongoing training and development.