A nice cup of chrysanthemum tea anyone?!

Alison SeymourBlog

There’s nothing more refreshing (in my opinion!) than a nice cup of tea, whether it be the good old traditional cuppa, or one of the many herbal varieties that are widely available these days.  However, one thing I did not know, until I embarked on my Chinese Herbal Medicine adventure, is that some of these lovely medicinal herbs can be taken as a tea.  Ju Hua – or dried Chrysanthemum flower to you and I, is one such herb.  It’s now one of my favourites, in fact I am enjoying a cup of one as I write!  It’s excellent for brightening the eyes, soothing a frazzled mind, and ideal if you are coming down with a fever.  What’s more, once the tea has been drunk, and only the flowers remain (by now cold of course), they are perfect for using as a compress on the eyes to soothe away the stresses and strains of a day spent in front of a computer or in an air-conditioned office.  What’s not to love?